Facility Owner and Architect Consulting

SpecGuy provides a wealth of consulting services for facility owners and architects, including specifications consulting, facility standards documentation, master libraries and construction project specifications consulting.

Specifications Consulting

Few architects, engineers, and interior designers go through years of schooling, internship, practice experience, and continuing education to become specification writers. Specification writing is a specialty that complements design expertise. It takes dedication to do it well.

SpecGuy helps design professionals and facility owners with their specifications. We write project specifications. We support in-house specification writing through master library development and maintenance, project reviews, and training.

  • Specification master libraries
  • Project specifications
  • Building enclosure design support
  • Peer reviews
  • Facility design and construction standards
  • Sustainable design and LEED consulting

If you are just starting your architectural firm, do you have a plan for handling specifications? Click here for some helpful tips.

Recent projects include:

  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools facility standard specifications
  • Union County Public Schools Bidding and Contracting Documents
  • Fulton County (Atlanta) Public Schools Bidding and Contracting Documents and General Requirements
  • GSA Division 01 General Requirements
  • MasterSpec Division 00 Bidding and Contracting master library
  • MasterSpec Division 01 General Requirements master library update

Facility Standards

SpecGuy helps facility owners develop and maintain facility standards documents. Help communicate with your design professionals and contractors. Stay up to date with product developments and industry standards. Get the products your staff expects in your new projects.

Firm and Facility Owner Master Libraries

SpecGuy assists facility owners and design professionals by developing master section libraries that update existing masters, incorporate firm standards, and speed staff editing of sections. We also maintain master libraries, so your sections don’t grow out of date.

Construction Project Specifications

SpecGuy has years of experience with a wide variety of building projects. We write architectural, site/civil, and structural specifications, and help coordinate fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and communications specifications.

SpecGuy provides architectural firms and facility owners the assistance with specifications and facility standards documentation they need to succeed. Contact our offices today at (704) 367-1991 or submit an inquiry via our web form.

SpecGuy provides construction project specification consulting for architect and facility owners nationwide, including specifications master libraries, peer reviews, facility design & construciton standards.

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