Resources for CSI Certification Study

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CSI’s certification programs are the best continuing education in the construction industry! SpecGuy has published study tools assisting candidates for CSI certification exams since 2001. We’ve had great success, but more important – our candidates have had great success.

CSI certification programs are recommended for:

  • Design professionals and staff
  • Construction professionals
  • Owner representatives
  • Manufacturer representatives
  • NCARB IDP participants
  • ARE candidates

For more information on CSI’s excellent certification programs go to CSI’s website. SpecGuy’s programs are independently produced and are not sponsored by the Construction Specifications Institute.

For CSI Certification Candidates

CDT One Day at a Time! Free email study program

SpecGuy’s award-winning free daily email study program for preparation and review for the CSI Construction Document Technology (CDT) exam. Updated with PDPG references. Now 7 days a week for 60 days. Our users have a 20 percent higher exam pass rate and 30 percent fewer cavities.

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