18 years ago, CDT One Day at a Time! was born. Over 10,000 candidates have subscribed to this FREE program. It’s been used in-house in some of the nation’s largest AE firms. Building product manufacturers have enrolled their product representatives. It’s found its way to India, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore, the UK, and Australia.

We’ve just finished an update. Cross references have been checked. Questions verified and tweaked. And it’s time for Spring 2020 candidates to sign up for the exam and start studying.

Please do your colleagues a favor and encourage them to consider pursuing Construction Documents Technology certification. It’s the best program in the industry for improving project communication, reducing misunderstandings and disputes, and making our work go more smoothly each day. More information on CDT can be found at www.csiresources.org/certification/overview.

SpecGuy’s CDT One Day at a Time! is intended to encourage a modest amount of study each day for at least 60 days prior to the exam. This approach is consistent with what we’ve learned over the years about adult education. The dozens of thank you notes we’ve received from successful CDT candidates keep us enthused about providing this program and improving its content.